Dear guests,

Summer holidays were and will always be a big part of our lives – perhaps the most important! In Greece there are products and natural ingredients used from ancient times for hygiene and cleanliness. At Siete Mares Luxury Suites, we believe each one of us is personally responsible to protect himself and his loved ones first. This is the reason why we keep the beautiful summer memories in our hearts, looking forward to new adventures, setting new goals and making new dreams for the new season. And we throw away the negative thoughts.

A beginning means you are halfway there, so we are off to a great start for all of you in these difficult times with all kinds of viruses going around and we found ourselves facing a global pandemic of Covid-19. At Siete Mares Luxury Suites, we make your holidays clean and safe by cleaning our premises in a completely eco-friendly way! We might have forgotten it, but the “modern” way of cleaning is nothing more than the ancient one, when people -without even knowing it- also protected the environment!

We use natural cleaning products on a daily basis, such as:

Green Soap

Our most useful tool and loyal helper is no other than green soap, produced from the well-known olive oil, which is found in abundance in the Cyclades.

Green soap produces rich foam, making it easy to wash doors and windows or shutters and tiles. You can also use it for personal hygiene as a perfect skin moisturizer! In all our suites we provide high quality green soap for personal use for all our guests.


Our perfect cleaner for wooden surfaces! We boil green tea and let it cool completely in a container. Then, we dip a cloth in it and clean tables, doors, cupboards, wardrobes and anything wooden. In the end, we wipe down all wooden surfaces with a dry towel. The glow and cleanliness is astonishing! We usually combine mountain tea with vinegar, a powerful cleaner that destroys all germs and nourishes the tile pores, rendering the floors non-slippery.


Every day, we clean all textile surfaces, curtains, throws, blankets, duvets, mattresses and sofas, making them smell like the first day of spring! We mix rosewater with 3 drops of essential oil of our choice in a sprayer and then spray all textile surfaces with this magical combination. The scent filling the air of the suite for days will captivate you!

Cinnamon and clove

In the wardrobe of every suite, we add freshness with the natural ingredients from cinnamon and clove. We fill a pouch with scented soap flakes, cinnamon, cloves, star anise and 2-3 lavender twigs and then hang it from a thin rope in the wardrobe and other spots of the suite. The breathtaking scent of all these herbs in combination with the soap is extremely relaxing. It’s the ultimately natural air freshener!