Long before man walked the earth, the life-giving sun decided to offer his blessed gifts to all of nature’s creatures. With its light and the warmth of its kisses, it encompassed the trees and the birds, the dark rivers and the deep sea, endowing them with its invaluable energy. From high above, the sun kept company to the proud cactus who stood tall for months, years and centuries to come. Every natural material that grows with water from the rain and kisses from the sun, encloses its vital energy. The more it stays under the sun, the more it brims with light. By using natural materials for our mattresses and beds, we harness all of sun’s vital energy and offer it to you.

Anyone can tell you that a good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. But there is something more you can do for your well-being than simply being healthy. Above all, being happy.

Our hotel SIETE MARES LUXURY SUITES in collaboration with COCO-MAT embraces through her bed linen a lifestyle based on simple life values that can make every day a little happier: honesty, responsibility, hospitality, absolutely natural and healthy lifestyle. It’s easier than you think. All you need is a good, healthy breakfast enriched with fruits and vegetables, with traditional ingredients, freshly baked pies with feta cheese, greek honey and butter, home-made jams etc. This is our way to welcome our guests with arms wide open.

Because having wonderful nights and sleeping well is not enough; you have to be looking forward to the next day.

We embraced nature’s imperceptible wisdom as a source of inspiration and we only use pioneering products and furniture from natural materials.

All COCO-MAT products are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and are weaved from organic cotton with a 200 TC density (200 threads per square inch). Their threads are combed with a thread title of 40/1 Ne (Number English, according to the global thread count terminology) which means that they are made of excellent quality cotton fibers that are difficult to break. Their weave is very dense, which renders the sheets extremely durable. COCO-MAT’s natural ingredients are cotton, coconut fiber, natural latex, seaweed, eucalyptus, wood, horsehair, linen, down, wool, cactus, lavender and of course all bed linen is made of organic cotton.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a clean, sustainable alternative for conventional cotton. During the process of tailoring and making of organic cotton products there is no use of toxic chemicals. Organic cotton is grown in fields where there hasn’t been any use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers for at least 3 years. Agricultural fertilizers are replaced by beneficial organisms, such as parasites and natural enemies (e.g. ladybugs versus greenflies) to fight insects.